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A word of caution

We make no guarantee as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on wikitopo. The inclusion of an area or climb in this web site should not be taken to mean that it has unlimited public access or that we endorse its suitability for the purposes of climbing. Although you may find information on access restrictions here, the absence of any such information does not mean that no restrictions apply.

Any route description that has not been confirmed should be treated with extra caution. There is as yet no system in place for endorsing route descriptions so, for now, this applies to all the route descriptions on the site.

Climbing is a dangerous sport and those who choose to do it do so at their own risk! You are personally responsible for your own safety and, as such, you must decide what information, advice, equipment and professional services you require for any particular route.

For these reasons as well as for your own convenience, we strongly recommend that you obtain copies of any available guide book publications for the area in which you plan to climb and/or hire the services of a guide or instructor if you are not entirely comfortable with your own level of experience or that of your mates.

You will find links to suggested guidebooks on Amazon on many of the pages.

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In case you are curious, It's author does other stuff for a living; besides various software projects, he also (secretly) considers himself to be the UK's best live caricaturist!

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