Caricatures from Photos and Cartoons to Order

Humorous artwork for distinctive gifts, greetings cards, invitations and promotional material.

With prices starting at as little as 45 plus p&p for a black and white drawing, you can order an original piece of caricature artwork created from your own photos.

All my caricatures are hand drawn in authentic traditional media - pencil, pen and ink and watercolours. No templates, tracings or high-tech trickery; just good old fashioned artistry!

Although I can supply a digital version in addition to the original, remember! - each caricature is a unique piece of artwork; unlike a digital image which can have any number of identical copies. This is important for a lot of my customers, particularly when choosing a special gift.

So how does it work?

email me your photos along with an outline of what you want or give me a call on 0774 3893265 if you would like a chat.

I like to keep my customers very much in the loop during the creative process; using your materials and ideas I will come up with a first draft for your approval.

Although I do have some " standard prices", most commissions are anything but "standard" and it is often not until this stage that we will discuss an exact fee.

Once you have approved the draft and we have agreed a fee I will go on the create the finished artwork. When I think the work is pretty much finished, I'll send another snapshot for your approval. I don't usually require payment until you are satisfied with the final piece.

You don't necessarily need a perfect photo to make a good caricature!!

My customers often say that they don't know if their photos are good enough to use for a caricature but actually,in my experience there are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a 'good' photo for a caricaturist.

Sometimes a fuzzy snapshot might actually reveal more personality than a crisp close up - That is why I always say send me whatever you have and if I think I can use it then I'll do a sketch for your approval before starting the final artwork.

How long does it take?

A typical commission with one or two people in the picture will take a day or two of actual work to complete and subject to other committments I can turn around an order pretty fast if needs be but I would recommend allowing more time if possible. a week or two is usually ideal.


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