It can be hard to choose a live caricature artist from the dozens to be found on the web.

Caricatures done from photos can look very impressive but may be a poor indication of what a caricaturist can deliver live at an event!
Here there are dozens of examples of caricatures drawn quickly and on-the-spot - enjoy!

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Caricaturist Charlie Everett at your service!

As something of a veteran on-the-spot caricaturist, I get booked for all kinds of event from weddings and private parties to trade fairs and conferences. Many people find me by word of mouth but I also get regular bookings through a number of the top agencies in the country so no matter what you are organising, be sure to ask me for a quote.

Taking a few minutes to draw an on-the-spot caricature of each guest, I can produce dozens of caricatures in the course of an afternoon or evening.
Seated, standing or table hopping, I guarantee at least 10 full bodied caricatures an hour but I regularly achieve 15 plus. Suggestions for hobbies, jokes and props are welcome - or, if quantity is at a premium, I can concentrate on just faces.

A satisfied customer.

Many people choose me for my likenesses; despite plenty of good natured humour, flattery and comic exaggeraion, there is rarely any doubt as to who each is drawing is of. I can draw people individually, in pairs or in small groups. Small children and babies are no problem, boisterous adults a speciality and drawing the older generation is always a pleasure and a privelige.

With a wealth of experience in all kinds of situaltion, I can tailor my services to suit your event perfectly and, as a professional, I will be 100% committed to it's success.

Wedding caricaturist in action

Wedding caricaturist in action

bridesmaid caricature

Check out some on-the-spot live caricature action!

Courtesy of Richard Laing photography.

Awarded by the FreeIndex Caricaturists directory