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The Topo Library

Before delving into the topos, be sure you have read the word of caution on the home page. You should also be aware that by using wikitopo, you accept the terms and conditions of the wikitopo disclaimer in full.

Viewing topos

Use the explorer on the left to browse places in theTopo Library. (If you are logged in you will see an "Add" link on each page).

The topos are displayed as normal images but can also be viewed in the editor if you are logged in. This allows you to highlight, show and hide routes, zoom in and out, resize the images and more.

Editing topos     

Once you have logged in you will see an "edit topo" link above each topo.

 Try editing the demo   

 If you are having trouble loading the topo editor, you may need to install or upgrade Java on your system. To get the latest version of Java for free click the button below. Download and installation is easy and quick.
GetJava Download Button

For help using the tools refer to the topo help page.

Creating Topos

You can either use the explorer on the left to go to the climbing location where you want to add a topo or - click here


You can link your images to other web sites with prominently displayed text.

You can set up a default link in your profile and/ or individual links for each topo (find the topo manager under your profile). If you have a default link set up, that link will also appear in areas where you are the main contributor or moderator.

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